Rising Damp Solutions

Rising Damp Solutions will rid your house or business of rising damp and provide sub-floor ventilation to keep your environment healthyRising damp in the technical name that describes moisture that rises up a wall.

Soil debris and lack of damp proofing when the building was originally built, amongst other areas are the most common cause of damp problems.

Eg. rising damp is evident in the form of stained walls, blistering & peeling paintwork as well as salt accumulation of up to one meter high.

Salt contamination can be eliminated with the use of specialized rendering products made available to us by Westox Building Products.

These products have many features.

  • clean application
  • cost effective
  • applied by spray on trowel
  • low maintenance
  • easy removal with salts
  • no detrimental effect on masonry
  • premixed on site mixing
  • made from non toxic materials

Often temporary and unqualified measures fail, so calling Rising Damp Solutions makes sense.

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